Who We Are

We're a team of innovators, creators and doers. We strive to vitalize those who dare to do the same. Coffee is our passion. If we're going to do something, we're only going to do it well. We source, roast and brew with intention to meet the highest of standards. We know the grind, because we've felt the passion and the hustle behind it. We've lived it and loved it. We are here to spark that same SelfMADE spirit. Think of us as a sidekick to get through your day, or night. Join our journey.

Made with purpose.

We source, roast, and brew to meet the highest quality standards.

Made to matter.

We commit to transparency not just in our products but with our people and processes.

Made to last.

We practice sustainability through in-house practices and ongoing consumer education so future generations can enjoy the Bright Side of Hustle.

We are selfMADE.

We know the struggle and hustle of the journey because we've lived it. We aim to inspire our global community through our culture and resilience.


Our goal is to source our coffees as directly as possible with the farmers we love. Made coffee is not solely responsible for putting the best cup of coffee in your hand. It's a beautiful collaboration between the farmer, the roaster and the maker.

Grown by farmers, Made by us.