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We're a team of innovators, creators and doers. We strive to vitalize those who dare to do the same. Coffee is our passion. If we're going to do something, we're only going to do it well. We source, roast and brew with intention to meet the highest of standards. We know the grind, because we've felt the passion and the hustle behind it. We've lived it and loved it. We are here to spark that same SelfMADE spirit. Think of us as a sidekick to get through your day, or night. Join our journey.

"It was amazing, delicious and exceeded our expectations. It is an excellent Medium Roast with a delicious blend and flavor of Arabica Beans. It is now our number 1 premium coffee choice and much better than “Starbucks and Tim Hortons.” It has an amazing aroma when brewing and even better when drinking it, which added to the drinking pleasure and enjoyment of fresh brewed coffee."

John A. Prokop Verified Buyer

"Made is an amazing brand! Without it I would walk through my day in a crackhead like state. If you're not a Made man, you should be."

Greg Martz Verified Buyer

"Since moving to Florida in June, I've found that I cannot drink hot coffee in the morning. I try to go local with beer so when I saw there was local canned cold brew I was excited to try it! The Nitro is my favorite and it's incredibly smooth. The flavor is bold with very little brightness and it goes easy on my stomach first thing in the morning. But to enjoy the full palate, I recommend definitely pouring it into a glass first!"

Jaqueline Randle Verified Buyer

"The strongest, most delicious coffee I've ever had. The fresh, convenient can is an extra bonus!"

Michael Garrie Verified Buyer

"Possibly the best cold canned coffee experience I have had yet. No other cold canned coffee is as flavorful and smooth. Love this brand!!!"

Nicolas Rivera Verified Buyer

"I'm serious about my coffee and MADE COFFEE is LIFE CHANGING!!!"

Rick Smith Verified Buyer

"We went to Rolling Oats yesterday on MLK Street in St Pete, looking to buy our first taste of “Made Coffee: Cannery Blend!” We were thrilled and excited to taste this new “premium made coffee."

Verified Buyer


A Dream

MADE Coffee was founded by a group of hospitality pros turned coffee connoisseurs. Our Founder, Mike Rideout, worked a hospitality job in Downtown St. Petersburg FL when he realized the need for an espresso shot substitute for cocktails. Customers were raving about the mix of coffee in cocktails, but pulling a shot for every drink was cumbersome. He began tinkering in his kitchen for that perfect cold brew recipe and developed what would be the foundation for Made Coffee. He tapped in co-founder and fellow bartender, Taylor Prater, to help with marketing and brand execution and they were off and running.

Mike constructed a "coffee trike" to serve Nitro Brew and Cold Brew poured out of keg taps affixed to the "trike".

The duo maneuvered this bike around their hometown's up and coming downtown common areas. Local business owner friends allowed them to host events and pop-ups to serve the brews. Cold Brew cocktails were the go-to. But we wanted more. How could we get our brews all over Florida?

Taking the lead from beer industry friends, we thought "what's better then cold brew, in a CAN?" Our goal was to create an accessible, convenient, energizing beverage perfect for the Florida lifestyle we loved. We attended trade shows and Mike interned with the local breweries to learn processes and equipment. We opened our first facility, affectionately named the "Cannery" and got to work.

Our first Cold Brew can was born in April 2017. Since that first can, we are now sold in over 1500 locations and growing. In 2018 we moved into our new "HQ" and have grown our team to help with sales, innovation and brand development. As a beverage family, we approach life on the Bright Side of Hustle. We know the hustle because we've lived it and loved it.

It is our pleasure to bring our brew to you.


"You could eat off these floors."

We keep our facility in pristine condition because YOU are worth it. We are committed to health safety and the highest quality standards. We rise above and beyond these standards to ensure our commitment to you. We practice sustainability company wide and are a certified zero waste facility. Its the least we can do for future generations and our planet.



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