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How We Brew



From our beans to our brews, every ingredient in our process is chosen with intention. Whether you're making a pourover, a pot of coffee for the family, or slamming a can - it starts with the bean. We source our 100% specialty grade beans from all over the world. We cultivate relationships with our farmers to ensure fair buying practices. We ask our farmers to send us samples of the different coffees we are interested in for the season.
Once the beans land in our facility, we roast them, taste them, discuss them... then we do it again, and then again and yeah you guessed it, sometimes again.Once our Head Roaster has created the flavor profile we love and has brought that particular coffee to its full potential, that's when we say its Made Coffee. This commitment to quality shines through in the taste and aromatics of our beans and brews. We roast, brew and can our coffee in house.

MADE by us, for you. Every damn day.

Team photo
Team photo

Sourcing Matters

Our goal is to source our coffees as directly as possible with the farmers we love. We also use select trusted importers to bring in coffees, because in some regions it can be very difficult to get coffee out of the country. We are constantly in pursuit of building long lasting relationships with our farmers. By carefully cultivating these relationships, we know our farmers use the best organic practices and are as passionate about coffee as we are. Their attention to detail is like no other. We want to highlight them, and allow you to know that Made coffee is not solely responsible for putting the best cup of coffee in your hand. It's a beautiful collaboration between the farmer, the roaster and the maker.

Grown by farmers, Made by us.

So Whats Specialty Coffee Anyway?

Here's the scoop:
Made Coffee uses 100% specialty grade coffees. Coffee is scored on a 100 point scale. This score is based on how much defect is allowed in the coffee. But what do we mean by "defect"? A defect can be anything from chipped beans, insect damage or mold. These defects produce undesirable flavors in your cup of brew.

The Grading system. What you need to know.

80 - 100: Specialty Grade Coffee (That's us) Below that: Premium Grade coffee (The big guys) Below that again: Does it even matter?
Commodity Grade: I think we're done here.. Right!?

Made with purpose.

We source, roast, and brew to meet the highest quality standards.

Made to matter.

We commit to transparency not just in our products but with our people and processes.

Made to last.

We practice sustainability through in-house practices and ongoing consumer education so future generations can enjoy the Bright Side of Hustle.

We are selfMADE.

We know the struggle and hustle of the journey because we've lived it. We aim to inspire our global community through our culture and resilience.

made brigade top picks

Shop some of our hardest-hustling, top-selling coffee

Nitro Cold Brew
12 oz Canned Cold Brew

Creamy, chocolately, never bitter

Traditional Cold Brew
12 oz Canned Cold Brew

Chocolatey, nutty, never bitter

Temporarily Sold Out
8 oz Con Leche Cold Brew

Cold brew with reduced fat milk and a hint...

Dark Side of Hustle
Whole Bean or Ground Coffee

Sweet Cream and Dark Chocolate

Whole Bean Coffee

Jammy notes of golden raisin and sweet floral notes...

Whole Bean Coffee

Bergamot Tea, Stone Fruit, Orange Blossom

22nd Street Espresso
Whole Bean Coffee

Gentle acidity, sweet and syrupy body, and a dark...

Colombia - Decaf
Whole Bean Coffee

Cinnamon, caramel and citrus

Da La Pin
Whole Bean Coffee

Fig, brown sugar, dark chocolate and malt

Whole Bean Coffee

Caramel Apple, Walnut, Orange Zest

Cerrado Mineiro
Whole Bean or Ground Coffee

Brown Sugar, Nuts, Chocolate

Suncoast Roast
Whole Bean or Ground Coffee

Ocean Breeze, Sweet Berries and Citrus

It Was All A Dream
Whole Bean or Ground Coffee

Euphoria, Caramel and Milk Chocolate

Whole Bean Coffee

Almond Butter, Cinnamon, Candied Fruit