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Suncoast Roast

Light Roast

Florida, you're crazy

but we love you

This Brazil, Ethiopia blend is best enjoyed in a sunshine state of mind. We taste: Ocean Breeze, Sweet Berries and Citrus


From our beans to our brews, every ingredient in our process is chosen with intention. It starts with the bean. We cultivate relationships with our farmers to ensure fair buying practices. Once the beans land in our facility, every roast is overseen and QC'd by our Q Grade certified Head Roaster, Brennan. We only use specialty coffee, graded 84 points and above. This commitment to quality shines through in the taste and aromatics of our beans and brews. We roast, brew and can our coffee in house.

Made is an amazing brand ! Without it I would walk through my day in a crackhead like state. If you're not a made man, you should be

Greg Martz

Today at breakfast we had our first taste Laura and I brewed the “Cannery Blend” this morning! It was amazing, delicious and exceeded our expectations. It is an excellent Medium Roast with a delicious blend and flavor of Arabica Beans. It is now our number 1 premium coffee choice and much better than “Starbucks and Tim Hortons.” It has an amazing aroma when brewing and even better when drinking it, which added to the drinking pleasure and enjoyment of fresh brewed coffee.

John A. Prokop

Between the quality of the beans, friendliness and intelligence of the crew, and continued, integrated support of the local community, MADE Coffee is my #1. The coffee options go beyond what you're used to finding out at shops and in stores (we're talking notes of tea, lemon, peaches, berries...and light roasts!), and I can't tell you how many local markets I've found myself just hanging out at the MADE tent, chatting with the team, sipping a Nitro, and adding another sticker to my ever-growing collection.

Montana Kroll


Cold Brew Box
1.5 L Cold Brew on Tap

Cold brew with an earthy, chocolatey flavor

Nitro Cold Brew
12 oz Canned Cold Brew

Creamy, chocolately, never bitter

Traditional Cold Brew
12 oz Canned Cold Brew

Chocolatey, nutty, never bitter

Traditional Con Leche
8 oz Con Leche Cold Brew

Cold brew with reduced fat milk and a hint...

Dark Side of Hustle
Whole Bean or Ground Coffee

Sweet Cream and Dark Chocolate

Whole Bean Coffee

Jammy notes of golden raisin and sweet floral notes...

Whole Bean Coffee

Bergamot Tea, Stone Fruit, Orange Blossom

Colombia - Decaf
Whole Bean Coffee

Cinnamon, caramel and citrus

Da La Pin
Whole Bean Coffee

Fig, brown sugar, dark chocolate and malt

Whole Bean Coffee

Caramel Apple, Walnut, Orange Zest

Cerrado Mineiro
Whole Bean or Ground Coffee

Brown Sugar, Nuts, Chocolate

Suncoast Roast
Whole Bean or Ground Coffee

Ocean Breeze, Sweet Berries and Citrus

It Was All A Dream
Whole Bean or Ground Coffee

Euphoria, Caramel and Milk Chocolate

Whole Bean Coffee

Almond Butter, Cinnamon, Candied Fruit